Can Community Housing Organisations Join the Approved Advisory Panel?

July 12, 2023 By abbey.palmer

Community Housing Organisations (CHOs) can apply to be on the Approved Advisory Panel for the Community Housing Futures Program. This decision came from CHOs who expressed their desire to collaborate with more growth experienced CHOs to advance their growth initiatives.

The identified benefits include facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering partnerships, and innovation within the community housing sector as the program commences planning for Round 2 of the Business Advisory Grant Program. It is encouraged that organisations possessing capabilities in Finance, Development, Risk, or Business Planning, and who are interested in sharing their expertise with other CHOs, consider applying to join the Approved Advisory Panel here.

CHOs who wish to join the panel will need to undertake the same application process as any other consultant, which includes demonstrating specific skills, relevant qualifications and memberships, and adequate insurance.

It’s essential to note that CHOs serving on the Advisory Panel will not be eligible to apply for grant funding for the same activity which they are providing guidance for.

CHOs are encouraged to take an active role in shaping the future and strengthening the QLD community housing sector through collaboration and expertise sharing.

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