What data will be collected and how will it be used?

July 12, 2023 By abbey.palmer

Community Housing Futures is committed to a thorough evaluation of the program and have appointed AHURI as evaluation partners to establish framework, key deliverables, timeframes and stakeholder engagement and communications strategies to ensure the program is as meaningful as possible to the sector. Further, AHURI will establish a baseline report of the sector and a final evaluation report and analyses program outcomes, and impacts. The Peaks advocated strongly for evaluation to ensure the impact of the program is measured, formative improvements can be made, and future capacity needs are documented.

Grant applications collect information that enable the assessment and approval of grants. Information collected in the grant application process is also designed to enable evaluation of the program purpose and objectives.

No information about individual CHOs will be reported in an identifying way. Aggregate and anonymised data will be reported in the evaluation. The purpose of this data is to:

  • drive formative program improvements
  • contribute to program evaluation
  • support future assessment of sector capacity needs for the purposes of designing capacity and capability building programs, projects, and activities.

The Declaration and Privacy Statement on the Grant Application has now been updated to more clearly reflect this.

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