To apply for a change, send an email to the community housing futures inbox communityhousingfutures@qshelter.asn.au, stating your request. Please include: A detailed explanation for the proposed change. Attach the proposal or quote from the suggested panel member. Note: Providing comprehensive information upfront will facilitate the review process and increase the likelihood of a prompt and […]

Yes, you can request a change of Approved Advisory Panel member for your grant project. To initiate this process, please follow the steps in the next Question.

Community Housing Organisations (CHOs) can apply to be on the Approved Advisory Panel for the Community Housing Futures Program. This decision came from CHOs who expressed their desire to collaborate with more growth experienced CHOs to advance their growth initiatives. The identified benefits include facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering partnerships, and innovation within the community housing […]

The overall Program Evaluation will consider aggregated and anonymised data, including the number of assessments completed, and the size and location of the organizations involved. Pre and post-surveys involving the consultants and organisations will capture perceptions of the benefits of the assessments and process improvements to the program. The consultants will summarise thematic capacity and […]

The consultants will produce a concise and confidential report containing recommendations for the CEO and Board. The report will cover opportunities, strengths, barriers to growth, and provide recommendations for future action.

If organisations have already conducted a comprehensive readiness analysis, they may choose to apply for a professional services grant to undertake a specific aspect of growth planning or implementation.

Yes, there will be opportunities for customization based on the starting point of each CHO. Some CHOs may have already completed certain activities mentioned above, so the assessment will be tailored to take them forward from their current position.

The consultants will assist CHOs in examining various areas, including: Financial strength and outlook Strategic overview of assets, considering the current portfolio under management and ownership Strategic plans Business model Skills profile In-house capacity and capability to undertake and/or oversee growth projects Organizational structure Key features of the service delivery model Overall sustainability and strength […]

The Growth Readiness Assessments provide organisations with the opportunity to closely collaborate with a sector expert to evaluate their current position and potential for future growth.

We will be building the framework in collaboration with the consultants performing these assessments. However, there will be an aspect of customisation for each CHP depending on the size, governance, structure and growth strategy. Some CHPs for example may already have completed certain elements or milestones so customisation will be important. This aspect of customisation […]

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